5 Best Cheap VPN 2018 ! Excellent Cheap VPN Service !

5 Best Cheap VPN  2018


When considering what VPN to get people often want to know what the cheapest option is, so we have created this five best cheap VPN list to help you. Of course, despite the fact that there are free options out there, it is difficult for us to endorse any of those products because they are simply too limited to give a well-rounded, reliable and safe VPN service. There is also the well-known axiom that ‘if you aren’t buying the product, then you are the product’ and with data security and privacy at stake this is not an area where you ought to be relaxed about the possibility of being sold. Don’t forget that data is very valuable – and so is a VPN service – so if you aren’t paying for it, you have to ask yourself why.

Bearing that in mind, here at BestVPN we want to give those of you that want a simple but effective VPN option some choices that are both cheaper, but also trustworthy. When looking into what the best cheap VPN options are in the current market, we took into account all manner of different aspects that can make or break a VPN service. Reliability, connection speeds, server numbers and locations, customer support and whether they offer a free trial were all taken into account in order to compile a list that truly reflects what is the best value for money VPN in 2016.

Ivacy is the service that offers the most bang for your buck. For as low as $4.00 a month it gives you access to a slew of features and topnotch encryption. Read more about this great VPN provider below or sign up today!


While a lot of the top VPN providers charge less than $10 a month, which we feel is actually fantastic value anyway, in this list, we have decided to cap the price at $7 – with the cheapest offering a service for the staggeringly low price of $4 per month. Of course, to make use of prices like that you will have to purchase at least a whole year in one go (VPNs inevitably offer a discount for buying a full year in one go as opposed to paying month by month).

Thankfully, all of the services on our list also offer a free trial (and most a money back guarantee), which means that you will be able to check the service to make sure that it is right for you. So, whether you are interested in spoofing your location to the US for Netflix, or perhaps are an expat who wants to cheaply watch UK only content – we are sure that there will be something on this list that is right for you.

5 Best Cheap VPNs Summary

Rank Company Score Price Link


Read Review   9.6/10

$1.66 / month Visit Site


Read Review

$2.91 / month Visit Site


Read Review    7.4/10

$4.87 / month Visit Site


CyberGhost Logo

Read Review

$5.83 / month Visit Site


ibVPN Logo

Read Review   6.6/10

$4.08 / month Visit Site




Ivacy has been around for a while but is quite a relatively unknown VPN. Check out my Ivacy review to see where this Singaporean VPN stands.


Pricing and Plans

Ivacy offers one plan, with pricing depending on the length of the plan. A standard month-to-month plan costs $11.95 a month, 12-month plans drop down to $2.50 a month (billed at $29.95), while a 24-month plan is only $1.66 monthly ($39.95 total).

While the standard month-to-month plan is on the expensive side, the steep discounts for long-term subscriptions make Ivacy one of the most affordable VPNs out there.

Want to give it a try? Click the link to find out more and set up your own account.


Try the Best Cheap VPN Today!

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7 day money back guarantee!




PureVPN is a Hong Kong-based provider founded in 2006. Since then, it has gained a reputation for being a respected provider with solid encryption, global server coverage, and state-of-the-art software. That said, our testing revealed connection problems and some serious security issues. Sign up now or read our PureVPN review in full below

Pricing & Plans

PureVPN has an interesting subscription model, with plans being named after what its customers plan to use their VPN for. It is broken down into three categories: Premium Users, Streamers, and Downloaders. The prices of said plans depend on if you’re buying a monthly subscription…


Visit PureVPN »




IPVanish has performed consistently well in our reviews, and this time around is no exception. The Tier-1 network and fabulous speeds don’t need another introduction though they definitely deserve it. Some new App features are also worth mentioning, as they improve an already quality service that extra bit more. Give IPVanish a try using the link below.

  • ProsPROS
  • Bitcoin accepted
  • Split tunneling feature
  • P2P allowed
  • Internet kill switch included
  • No logs kept
  • ConsCONS
  • Refund policy
  • Poor speeds


Ivacy is a Singaporean company, which makes it a great option in terms of any government agencies requesting data. Singapore law does not require any logging of user activity, with personal data safe under the Personal Data Protection Commission.

Ivacy makes the interesting claim of being the first VPN to introduce “Split Tunneling,” a way of selecting which data gets sent through a VPN, in 2010. While I didn’t find any way of confirming this statement, Ivacy does have the handy split tunneling feature in the Ivacy Windows client.

Visit IPVanish »




CyberGhost Logo

  • PROS
  • Budget price
    Good speeds
    Zero logs
    Servers in plenty of locations
    OpenVPN encryption
  • CONS
  • Only one device permitted on cheap plan

CyberGhost is an outstanding cheap VPN option. It provides a 30-day money back guarantee to test the service. The VPN is zero logs and provides OpenVPN encryption, so it is great for privacy. It also accepts Bitcoins for extra anonymity. Servers are located in 28 countries, which for the price is great. Speeds are pretty sweet considering the budget price tag, and will certainly let users stream. Though, admittedly, speeds do fluctuate at times. For the price, however, it is a very good service.

Visit CyberGhost »




ibVPN Logo

  • PROS
  • Low price
    No logs (some exceptions)
    Great iOS support
    15-day money back guarantee
    Pay with Bitcoin
  • CONS
  • Can get a bit slow
    Only supports one connection
    6-hour free trial: shorter than some

Invisible Browsing has some very impressive encryption options, great features, and a range of supported protocols including OpenVPN. With all that on offer for one of the lowest prices around ibVPN is definitely interesting. Users are allowed to pay by bitcoin (great for increased privacy) as well as the usual PayPal and credit/debit card.

Unfortunately, there is a catch as ibVPN has a bit of a speed problem and frequently suffers from getting a bit slower than its competitors. If you think this one might give you what you need, however, you can make use of their 15-day money back guarantee to draw your own conclusions – sign up by hitting the button below.

Visit ibVPN »

Cheap VPN Services Conclusion

Here at BestVPN, we know that all around the globe there is a growing awareness about the security and content advantages that you get with a VPN service. We are also aware that a lot of people only have a limited amount of cash to spend, meaning that trustworthy information about which providers offer real value for money – without sacrificing the most important aspects of a VPN service – is like gold dust.

We also understand that with so many VPN providers around it can be a bit of a headache making a choice. It is for these reasons that we have produced this 5 Best Cheap VPN list for 2016 – so that you can get reliable information on quality services that also come at a bargain price. We are confident that there is something on this list for everyone – so if one jumps off the page at you – remember that they offer trial periods, so it is in your best interest to give one a try and jump into the exciting world of VPNs.



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